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My Use Of Cookies

EU legislation says that you as a website user are given the opportunity to understand how cookies are used on the websites you visit and have the opportunity to give consent to cookies being stored on your computer (laptop / mobile phone / tablet, etc).

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file, usually made up of letters and numbers, downloaded to your computer when you access websites. Its function is to record information such as the site you're visiting, the duration of your visit, etc. You can read more about cookies here.

How Do I Use Cookies?

This site uses Google Analytics to help me keep a track of my visitors... how many there are, where they are from, what sort of thing they are searching for, etc. Google Analytics uses cookies to achieve this. Whilst it is my understanding that these cookies are in no way harmful and are used throughout the world on millions of websites, it is of course my wish that you be made aware of their usage on this site.

Disallowing Cookies

By using this website you are agreeing to my using cookies. If you're still confused about cookies and their use, this article may help your understanding or enable you to disallow certain third party use (click here). Similarly Google has a very helpful video on Cookies in their own policies section that's very informative. You can also download an opt-out tool from Google here.

Contact Me

If you still have concerns or questions, please contact me and I will do my best to help.


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