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Free Advice Pack

As featured in the Artists' and writers' yearbook

Winner of the Daily Mirror 'Good Service' Award 2002, for "Protecting Britain's Authors"

Dear Reader,

Since 1994 I have organised a one-man campaign to insist on truth and honesty in the publishing world and - at last - in 2008 the law was changed to enable the authorities to deal with the rogues in the publishing world.

Johnathon CliffordDuring the last 25 years I have been instrumental in closing down the 13 worst vanity publishers and - according to an independent report - have with my “voluntary help, guidence and advice, saved or retrieved in excess of £25 million for authors world wide.”

On August 19th 2009 the British Library archived my website for use by researchers in the future.


The Advice Pack consists of:

Section 1 - Vanity Publishing
Vanity Publishing, Advice & Warning; A Good Vanity Publisher Will Not...; Self-Publishing or Not ... Self-Publishing?; Points To Ponder; Anthologisers.

Section 2 - Mainstream Publishing
The Mainstream Publisher; ZigZag Education.

Section 3 - Self Publishing
Self-Publishing; The Literary Consultancy; Lifelines Press.

and remember . . .

A) If you answer an advert offering to ‘publish’ your manuscript you do so At Your Own Risk. OnlyVanity Publishing advertise for authors. ‘Proper’ publishers do not
need to.

B) If you use a publisher Not listed in the Writers’ & Artists’ Year Book you do so at your own risk.

C) If you use any reference book other than the Writers’ & Artists’ Year Book you do so at your own risk.

If you have questions about a particular publisher I have files on well over 100 vanity publishers in the UK and also a few in the USA.


For a book to be genuinely self-published, a name designated by the author as his publishing house must appear on the Copyright Page of the book as ‘Publisher’.

The books ISBN number must also be registered by the ISBN Agency to that author as publisher. All the copies of a self-published book are the property of the author to dispose of as he wishes.

Any company which charges to publish books under its own name or prints an undisclosed number of copies which it claims are their property is a vanity publisher - whatever it may try and tell you to the contrary.

Good wishes,

Johnathon Clifford

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